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Staying in touch....

We are living through history right now and what better time than now to send a letter or card to someone.

You see my mom passed away about five years ago.

My mom had downsized a couple of times during her later years, you know... selling and donating furniture, household items, old clothes, our toys.... but the one thing that she kept and moved from house to house, apartment to apartment were all the cards and letters.

My Mom had every card and letter she had ever received - from her ten brothers and sisters, parents, friends (from childhood through old age), and her four children.

When my mom's parents passed on, she took all the letters they had saved through the years - letters from their sons, daughters, parents, uncles, aunts, and grandparents.

There were letters from my grandmother describing what it was like when she crossed the prairie in a covered wagon and were greeted by Native American Indians. There were letters from my uncles who served in World War II and the Koren War. There were cards and letters from my aunts describing their lives, family recipes, quilt patterns, stories about feeding the chickens, and moving to a new city...

History happened during their lives and they wrote to each other about it... and how really cool is it that now I get to read about their lives and share it with my children and grandchildren... history and family stories that would otherwise have been lost and forgotten....

All I can say is that I am my mother's daughter...

My brother (who lives in California and I write each other often. I just sent my other brother who lives about 30 miles from me a package with puzzles to keep him busy while we are all staying inside....I write letters to my grown children, send handwritten notes in cards to friends...

And yes, I save all the letters and cards I get in a box right next to the ones that were my mother's and grandmother's.

Emails and text messages won't be printed and saved in a box.

We are living during a historical time.... think of someone and write them a letter, put it in the mailbox as a testament to your history.

Plus... let's be honest... isn't it kind of fun to get a letter in the mail? A card or handwritten letter from a friend or family member? My mom lived only a few miles away and she would still write letters and send us cards, newspaper articles, a little note.... and my children loved it when they discovered it in the mailbox and I'll be honest - I loved it too.

Stay safe!


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