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Love and the Loss of a Dog....

This is a painting I did when one of my beloved dogs passed.

You see, I am a person who has always had and loved dogs. It is true they will love you no matter what. They are happy when you come home and all they want or need is for you to love them back.

We have always had a couple of dogs at the same time sharing our home. We had three these past years, but unfortunately, we've now lost two and our one girl remaining is a senior. My mom always said the worst thing you can do to an old dog is bring home a puppy. So we've decided to be a one dog family for now.

I've lost six of my girls over the past 30 plus years. They were all big girls, well over 100 pounds. I am happy to say they were rescue babies and had long, full lives full of love, hugs, and an abundance of treats.

The most painful part of loving a dog is letting them go when the time comes. My heart becomes so broken and sad at the thought of my sweet girls leaving that it still brings tears to my eyes whenever I think about them.

I am a coward. The sadness makes me want to avoid that type of pain and refrain from adopting again. But then my husband reminds me that it is part of living, and I should think of the joy a pup brings, and how we have the ability to offer a safe and loving home for many years.

The hubby is right, of course.... so when the time comes, we will seek out and bring home another pup to become a member of our family.

Thanks for visiting.

Take Care



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