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Finding my way....

As I mentioned in a previous post, I'm retired.

So for the past year, during our Covid and Delta virus hiatus I have pondered what is next? What is the next chapter, where do I go from here?

What I do know is that creativity is an important path for me to pursue.

I also know that, at least for me, having a purpose, something to look forward to is also important. I like waking up and having a plan, something to work on.

Creating for the joy of it is fun, but I want more. Having a house full of things I make is okay but I think that I prefer a small business, where I make and sell those things I create. It will be the reason I am here.

To that end, I started researching how to take creativity and turn it into a small business. However, everything I've read says you should have a "niche" and focus only on that one passion. Blogs, articles, Youtubers, all say that to be successful, you need to find and stick to the "one thing" and become an expert at it. If you like to draw dogs, then all you need to do is draw dogs, write about drawing dogs, and then sell your drawings of dogs. Eventually, you would then become know as THE person who draws and sells dog drawings.

Does that sound boring to you?

How stale my life would be if all I did was one type of art! Maybe I am unique? Perhaps I have some rare creative deficit disorder that prevents me from focusing only on that one thing?

I am a digital artist - I love my iPad and Procreate app. However, I enjoy designing and creating felt and fabric toys for my granddaughter, having my hands in wet clay and spinning it into a cup or bowl on a pottery wheel is fascinating and exploring what I can make with some fiber and textile through the art of weaving and punch needle is exciting.

I like talking about my creative outlets, but I enjoy a good story too. So, I guess the bottom line is this..... when you stop by here for a visit, there is just no telling what you will find. There might be a topic about a piece of art I'm working on, a story about my mom, or a recipe that I just tried.

Who knows where this road will take me? All I can hope for is to have some fun adventures along the way and get to share them with you all.

Take Care!



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